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Whether you need a speaker for a 30 minute, 5000 person keynote or a multi-day conference, we got you!  Be ready to receive a lens that allows you to see the relationship between life, business, and innovation differently. you’ll begin solving challenges with a fresh and imaginative scope…And that’s when we all win!


Think, See, and Do Differently!


Our Talks & Keynotes are great for:

Single Events or Multi-Day Conferences

Incubators & Accelerators

Government Agencies

Building Capacity

Igniting new thinking

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A few of our popular Talks.

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I’m Not My Business Card:

This invigorating talk challenges the status quo to help identify your true self through authentic connections. We’ll help you reveal layers which have been misguided about your presentation. Join us in tearing apart misconceptions to craft genuine experiences with various people: businesses, networking, or clients.  You’ll never be defined by titles or how many degrees are on the wall again; you’re more than that. We have to break it to you; you, my friend, are not your business card!

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Innovate with Empathy: It’s Not You, It’s Me.

This talk cannonballs into the pool of confirmation and unconscious bias. We’ll illuminate how to innovate with empathy and shine a light on the benefits. Be empowered with the Design Thinking technique of Empathy Mapping. This allows for a deeper understanding of your tarket market, audience, stakeholders and everyone in-between. Open the floodgates for new ideas, insights, and strategies!

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Unlocking Personal Brand: Know. Feel. Do.

Feeling stuck? Missing clarity? Are you about to be fired from the company we call “The Brand of You” ? That may be why you’re on the “hamster-wheel” and struggling to see your desired results. Be inspired with talk as we dive deeper into who you are, how who you are is revealed to others, it’s direct tie to resuts, and how to create actionable steps to authentically impact people in your eveyday.

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Butterflies & Lightning Bolts: Two Generations, One Idea.

Shines a light not only on the generational gaps, but the significance and mutually beneficial platforms. No more lines in the sand, decoding smoke signals, or emojis! You’ll be empowered to find the common message, and when you discover it; that one thing is often your catalyst for change or growth.  


What they’re saying about us.

Such dynamic and inspiring speakers! They transformed our space into the coolest session ever!
— Tom Tom Summit & Festival
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