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Innovate with Empathy Workshop: It's Not You, It's Me.

  • 1701-A Allied Street Charlottesville, VA 22903 (map)

“Empathy in my toolbox? There’s gotta be another skill I can learn. Plus, I think you guys might be a little crazy!”

Sure, you can learn those other amazing skills.  You know...the ones that make it to your bottom drawer, totally forgotten about and not practiced, to only pull them out when you suddenly remember (they were forgotten about and not practiced). And, you’re probably right; we’re pretty out there “crazy”!  We’re out there with the people that are ready to be connected to on a real authentic and inspiring level.

On Dec. 6th, we’re hosting a design thinking Workshop; Innovate with Empathy: It’s Not You, It’s Me. We'll “cannon-ball’ right into the importance of empathy and its benefits.

Things like:

  • Removing the unknown bias that’s often our default.

  • Identifying a deeper and more tangible awareness.

  • Creating the type of thinking that fuels an innovative bridge of communication.

So if you’re looking to better understand:

  • Your team or employees;

  • Target market;

  • Audience;

  • or folks you're simply having difficulty connecting and communicating with.

Come be “out there” with us and “Spill on Purpose!” Seats are limited. We plan to have a wait list, but we’d rather see you in the front row!

In a nutshell:

Be ready to be empowered with the Design Thinking technique of Empathy Mapping. This allows for a deeper understanding of your audience and opens the floodgates for new ideas, insights, and strategies for connecting.

Workshop Cost: $25